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The following is a list of Muppet Mentions made in movies outside of the Henson/Sesame fold, all of which are too brief or minor to constitute having their own page in the Movie Mentions category. See also: Minor TV Mentions.

A Christmas Kiss

The 2011 TV movie about an assistant that falls in love with her boss boyfriend. After the two have decorated the Christmas tree of the future, Adam Hughes (Brendan Fehr) suggest that they see Charlie Browns Christmas, The Grinch, It's a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story and The Muppet Christmas Carol. Wendy (Laura Breckenridge) asks him if he are sure that he's game to watch all of them even The Muppets and Adam says that he is.

Another Perfect Stranger

A 2007 film about a teenage girl who has conversations about life and religion with a stranger she meets on an airplane. In one scene, a woman is holding a baby who is wearing Elmo overalls.


In this 2012 Best Picture Oscar-winning movie, Ben Affleck plays CIA agent Tony Mendez who's trying to convince his superiors to agree to his plan for the rescue of six US Embassy employees in 1980 Iran. When meeting with Cyrus Vance (US Secretary of State) and Stansfield Turner (Director of Central Intelligence ), his boss Jack O'Donnell tells him, "Brace yourself. It's like talking to those two old fucks on the Muppets."


Bad Moms

Amy, Carla and Kiki are out to dinner with their kids and discuss Amy's chances at the candidate night for the PTA president position. They begin to talk about their own kids flaws and Carla says "My son still watches Sesame Street. And he doesn't get it."


Bart Got a Room

As Danny goes through a list of potential prom dates, he asks his friend for an opinion of Sokolov. He replies, "Too tall for you. Like, Big Bird tall."


Bee Movie

A 2007 computer animated feature by DreamWorks Animation, about a bee name Barry B. Benson deciding what to do after graduating from college. When Barry talks to Mr. Klauss Vanderhayden, since he is suing Honey Farms for taking the bee's honey, he finds the image of a bear as the jar of honey inappropriate to represent honey. However, Mr. Vanderhayden replies that they're very lovable creatures and names a few bears, including Fozzie.


The Benchwarmers


Muppets from Space on bottom shelf, farthest left

The Benchwarmers is a 2006 comedy film. On a video store shelf, Muppets from Space can be briefly glimpsed.


The Big Year

A 2011 movie about birding. In one scene, Stu Preissler (Steve Martin) is on a boat and get seasick. Commenting on his complexion, Preissler states, "It's not easy being green."




2006 comedy film starring Sacha Baron Cohen as a character from Da Ali G Show. About 11 minutes into the film, Borat stands in the center of Times Square and the camera circles around him. During this, a large billboard with a picture of Kermit the Frog from the ad campaign can be seen prominently.


In this 2014 movie featuring Robin Williams, a game show is playing on a hospital TV, where the contestants compete under a category called Famous Lovers. One of the questions is, "One of TV's most unusual romances involved two characters from The Muppet Show, one is a pretty porker named Miss Piggy." The contestant correctly answers, Kermit the Frog.

Brewster McCloud

1971 dark comedy film starring Bud Cort and directed by Robert Altman. In one scene an old man in a limo keeps shouting about how he needs to get home so he can watch Sesame Street.

The Bucket List

The 2007 movie about two elderly men, diagnosed with cancer. They make a shared "Bucket list" with things they want to do before they die of their cancer. While Carter watches Jeopardy, one of the questions are "These two Muppets are roommates on the long-running show Sesame Street". Carter says the answer out loud, "Who are Bert and Ernie?"


Cats Don't Dance

One of the movie posters parodied at the end of the movie before the credits is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, with T.W. Turtle as Raphael.



This 2006 parody comedy features a woman holding a Big Bird plush.

Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope

2011 documentary directed by Morgan Spurlock about Comic-Con. Holly Conrad, a designer of custom creatures and costumes, is one of the film's subjects.

Holly: Why can't we bring puppets and animatronics back?
Colleague: Because Jim Henson died.
Holly: Well, you know what? We need to be the next Jim Henson, and make people realize these things are what brings magic out into the real world.

Later, during the masquerade portion of the con for which Holly was preparing, each contestant is announced by their number while the audience responds saying "ah, ah, ah" à la Count von Count.


Crazy for Christmas

A 2005 Christmas TV movie, it features billionaire Fred Nickells, who has suffered a nervous breakdown, giving early retirement to all his staff. Two members stay on, the doorman and Nickell's lawyer, Arthur Finnegan. Finnegan (Daniel Fathers) is gay. Telling Nickell's new driver about his relationship, he says "he works on Sesame Street. He plays Snuffleupagus' back end." The boyfriend appears at the end, however the role was not credited.


Death to Smoochy

A dark comedy following Sheldon Mopes' (Edward Norton) rise to stardom with his Barney-like character Smoochy the Rhino, and all the amoral inner workings of the children's entertainment that he encounters. Early in the film, Sheldon states "I was born on November 11th, 1970. You know what else happened on that day? [The] first broadcast of Sesame Street!" (The statement is factually incorrect by one year and one day.) Later, while Robin Williams' character Randolph Smiley (aka Rainbow Randolph) smashes Angelo's television set, he calls Smoochy a "Muppet from hell," during a barrage of expletives. The film also features the Leonard Bernstein song "I Feel Pretty," which the Muppets have performed numerous times.


Dinner for Schmucks

Barry tells a couple from Switzerland that he speaks some of their language, and proceeds to deliver some mock Swedish.


The Expendables

In this 2010 action film, Toll Road (played by Randy Couture) says, "It's not easy being green" while explaining how he got his cauliflower ear.


The Five-Year Engagement

A scene between a woman and her friend involves an argument done in the voices of Cookie Monster and Elmo to amuse her daughter.


Fletch Lives

In the 1989 sequel to 1985's Fletch, following a scene in which he's made a man squeal like a pig in order to get a termite out of his ear, the title character begins an internal dialogue, "After my close call with Miss Piggy, I couldn't wait to get home."


Flushed Away

A 2006 computer animated feature by Aardman Animation, about a mouse trapped in the sewer. At one point, heroine Rita addresses the villainous toad with "Hoy! Kermit!"


Girls Just Want to Have Fun

1985 comedy written by Amy Spies. Janey Glenn, arguing with her father about getting to go out at night shouts, "We made a deal when I was seven and a half, nightlife was The Muppet Show!"


The Glimmer Man

1996 action movie starring Steven Seagal and Keenen Ivory Wayans. In one scene a police detective is surprised by a couple of kids playing with toy guns as he makes his way through an apartment building. He quips to himself that it's a "Showdown on Sesame Street. Big Bird will pop out of one of these doors next."


Golden Age

A 2006 animated mockumentary by Augenblick Studios Inc. which parodies various animated characters in media. In the Hansel and Gretel segment, Ernie and Bert are shown as lovers as an example of romantic inclinations.

Grimsby (a.k.a The Brothers Grimsby)


2016 comedy film starring Sacha Baron Cohen. At the beginning of the opening credits a group of teenagers are walking down the street and a poster of The Swedish Chef promoting Warburtons Giant Crumpets can be seen at the background.




A 2007 independent feature-length documentary film about typography and graphic design, centered around the typeface of the same name. During the montage of the usage of the Helvetica font for video media, a clip of Telly Monster talking about D words with the letter D is shown.

Also, when graphic designer Michael C. Place is introduced, and the camera goes to his company office, a Big Bird Kubrick is seen behind figurines of his own creation.

Hot Pursuit

In a fight over a gun, Rose Cooper calls Daniella Riva's slurs dirty and disgusting. Riva responds, "Dirty? I'm gonna show you dirty, Miss Piggy."


I Love You, Man

When Peter Klaven gets set up on a man-date with a guy from his brother's gym, he gives him the nickname Elmo because of his high, squeaky voice.


Just Go with It

In the 2011 film, someone refers to a big nosed person as Snuffleupagus.


Miss Representation

2011 documentary by Jennifer Siebel Newsom about the disparaging portrayals of women in media. During a comment in which Jackson Katz says "People learn more from media than any other single source of information", a clip is briefly shown of children watching Sesame Street. Later in the film, Katie Couric's comments are illustrated with a screenshot of an article on featuring a photo of Couric with Elmo.


Morning Glory

When Becky Fuller (Rachel McAdams) is unsuccessful at rebooting a fourth place morning show, station executive Jerry Barnes (Jeff Goldblum) sarcastically suggests that she might go to PBS, "to kill Sesame Street."

Mother's Day

A standup comedian is talking about how his girlfriend is obsessed with their daughter picking up his British accent. "All the other kids are watching Sesame Street, our baby is sat down in front of Downton Abbey."


Mr. Jealousy

In the 1997 romantic comedy, Eric Stoltz's character says he does a "pretty good Muppet walk" as he bounces off-screen with his head tilted into the air.

Mr. Popper's Penguins

Mr. Popper's Penguins is a 2011 movie starring Jim Carrey loosely based on the 1938 children's book of the same name. At one point in the movie, while the main character, Thomas Popper Jr., is talking about penguins, he mentions that Big Bird is a Muppet.

The book was an optioned property by Jim Henson Pictures in 1995, but was never produced.



In the 2014 comedy movie (directed by Nick Stoller, starring Zac Efron and Seth Rogen), while trying to make synonyms for "bros before hoes", Teddy (Efron) says "Bert and Ernie before Squirt and Spermy."

The trailer starts with an a capella version of "The People in Your Neighborhood". [1]

Preschool Power 3

When a little girl pretends to be a doctor with her doll as her patient, the Muppet University Kermit plush can be seen in the background.

Private Parts

In this 1997 film loosely based on Howard Stern's memoir (and starring Stern as himself), when Howard goes to Detroit, the on-air morning man comments that Stern looks like Big Bird. He also jokes that Big Bird will have Kermit the Frog on the upcoming show.


Problem Child 3

In this made-for-TV sequel, a Big Bird doll appears in the background in one scene.


The Pursuit of Happyness


A scene from the 2006 film, which is set in 1981, shows protagonist Christopher Gardner with a Sesame Street lunchbox featuring Grover, Big Bird, Prairie Dawn, Oscar the Grouch, Barkley, Lefty the Salesman and Sherlock Hemlock.



In this 1977 crime drama directed by James Goldstone, two kids are throwing a frisbee over a man's car while he's washing it. The man yells at them, "Go home and watch Sesame Street!"



In the 2010 movie Rubber an old Ernie plush doll could be seen in the desert in the opening along with other old junk.

Rumble in the Bronx


In the 1995 Jackie Chan movie, a little girl wears a blue sweater with Bert's head on it. She can be seen playing within a large sandcastle and is rescued by Keung (Jackie Chan) from an approaching hovercraft.

  • Greg Berg provided voices in the English dub

The Sasquatch Gang

The 2006 film features a scene in which Gavin (Jeremy Sumpter) and Sophie (Addie Land) discuss their favorite fantasy films, including Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal.


She's All That

Mackenzie asks Laney when was the last time she tweezed her eyebrow. When Laney mentions she never did, Mackenzie asks if she watches Sesame Street and if she knows the character Bert.


The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

The 2005 film based on the novel of the same name features a scene in a department store in which a muzak version of "Sing" is playing over the sound system. The subtitles describe it as "bland music". Joe Raposo is credited for the song which was performed by "With The Quickness".


Skinny Tiger and Fatty Dragon


Skinny Tiger and Fatty Dragon

1990 buddy cop martial arts comedy movie starring Sammo Hung as a policeman. In one scene, when he impersonates a jewel thief to foil a robbery, he finds several robbers wearing cartoon masks (mostly Sesame Street characters).

The Smokers

2000 movie directed by Kat Slater, starring Dominique Swain and Thora Birch. One character does a Kermit the Frog impression and laments over what kids would call him when he was short and ugly in the eight grade, "Kermit the Frog coming to you live from The Muppet Show".

The Taking of Pelham One Two Three

1974 movie about a New York subway car that's hijacked and held for ransom.

Lt. Zachary Garber (played by Walter Matthau): Rico, you want to make yourself useful? Get personnel and tell them to get together a list of all motormen discharged for cause during the past five to ten years.
Lt. Rico Patrone: What are you looking for?
Lt. Zachary Garber: Somebody down there knows how to drive a train. You don't pick that up watching Sesame Street. Tell them we want it today.

Tower Heist

The titular heist in the 2011 comedy is set at a tower on the route of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. A Kermit balloon is featured in the parade, his theme music being "Disco Frog" from Sesame Street. When Charlie, the building manager, wonders if anything suspicious is going on at The Tower, a CCTV monitor responds that Miss Piggy has been cut from the parade.


The Trip

The Trip is a British 2010 comedy starring Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon. Twice throughout the movie, Brydon's impressions are compared to Muppets.

Waiting for Superman

Waiting for Superman is a 2010 documentary about the American school system. In one scene, a Bear in the Big Blue House book is seen in a little girl's room.


What Would Jesus Buy?

What Would Jesus Buy? is a 2007 documentary produced by Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me) about American consumerism. Several Sesame Street toys are featured including various incarnations of Tickle Me Elmo.


Words is a 13-minute short film produced by the Writers Guild of America in 1987, compiling famous lines in film and television. A brief clip of Grover and John-John in a Muppet & Kid Moment on Sesame Street is used around the 7-minute mark. (YouTube)

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