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Sesame Street Finger Puppets is a series of two activity books published by Western Publishing in the early 1970s. The book features finger puppets made on heavy paper stock. The set features the Sesame Street Muppet characters along with objects, letters and numbers.

Sesame Street Finger Puppets

Among the characters featured were Ernie and Bert, Big Bird, Roosevelt Franklin and his mother, the Salesman, Herry Monster, and Professor Hastings. Released in 1971, the set contained a punch-out television set to put the finger puppets behind.

Props included:

  • A number 8, a stop sign, and a bottle of air, referring to three of the Salesman's wares.
  • A police car

More Sesame Street Finger Puppets

1972 more finger puppets 1

A follow-up activity book, More Sesame Street Finger Puppets, was released in 1972. Like the previous set, the book featured many Muppet characters, letters, and props and backdrops from various Sesame Street segments.

Punch-out Muppet characters included Bert, Ernie, Rubber Duckie, Roosevelt Franklin, Big Bird, Grover, the Amazing Mumford, Cookie Monster (labeled as "The Great Cookie Thief"), Oscar, Sherlock Hemlock, Herry Monster, Harvey Kneeslapper and his victim, Betty Lou, Marty, Farley, and the Busby Twins. Also featured are two Muppet cowboys, the Anything Muppet family from "Five People in My Family" (with a number 5), three Twiddlebugs, and a storekeeper.

Among the sets and props included were:

  • Ernie's typewriter, football helmet, and Rubber Duckie
  • Bert's paperclip collection
  • Oscar's doll
  • A "Roosevelt Franklin" sign
  • The saloon from "The Great Cookie Thief"
  • A stage and four pineapples for "The Amazing Mumford and his Subtraction Trick"
  • Birthday cake, horns, and hats for "the Great Twiddlebug Mystery"
  • A ham, hammer, can, candle, rock, and rocket from the Busby Twins sketches.

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