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Shalom Sesame
Release date August 23, 2011
Sponsors Aleph, Samech, 6
Shalom 11

Monsters in the Sukkah is a release from the 2010 revival of Shalom Sesame.

Avigail and Brosh's plans to welcome their guests come crashing down with their sukkah. Oh no! How can they rebuild it in time for Sukkot? With a little help from their friends, of course!


  • Cartoon: Abraham and the Three Visitors - An animated version of the story of Abraham and Sarah, who are visited by three messengers bringing good news.
  • Kingston Livingston III sings about his birthday party, but all of his friends (Elmo, Zoe, Rosita, Telly, Prairie Dawn and The Count) are outside the house, while the party is inside.
  • Film: A family makes a sukkah.
  • The Count presents the number of the day, 6.
  • Film: 6 street dancers

DVD Bonus

  • Grover's Video Player: "Kids on Kibbutz"

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The Sticky Shofar Adventures in Israel

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