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Songs from Sesamstraat
Released 2005
Format CD/Booklet
Label Rubinstein
Cat no. 90 544 528 9

Monsters en Andere Enge Dingen (Monsters and Other Scary Things) is a 2005 Sesamstraat album, based on the Dutch co-production of Sesame Street. The album features 20 songs and stories by, for and about monsters. The CD comes with a hardcover booklet with song lyrics and photos of the characters.

Track listing

  1. Sesamstraat Thema - Sesamstraat Choir
  2. Bang In Het Donker (Afraid of the Dark) - Sesamstraat Story
  3. Het Botjes Lied (Bones) - Count von Count
  4. Pluizig En Blauw (Fuzzy and Blue) - Grover and Cookie Monster (and Herry)
  5. Nergens Een Lichtje (Nothing to Count) - Count von Count
  6. Ik Durf Niet Naar De Kapper (I'm Going to Get My Hair Cut) - Robbie and Cookie Monster
  7. Ik Wil Een Monster Voor Elke Dag (I Want a Monster to Be My Friend) - Sesamstraat Choir
  8. Enge Dingen Lied (Scary Things Song) - Tommie & Ieniemienie
  9. Spookje Spelen (Playing Ghost) - Tommie & Ieniemienie
  10. Lambaba - Count Von Count
  11. Spoken Bestaan Niet (Ghosts Don't Exist) - Tommie & Ieniemienie
  12. Ikke Ben Boos (Me Gotta Be Blue) - Cookie Monster & Choir
  13. De Ballade van Oscar Mopperkont (The Ballad Of Oscar The Grouch) - Bert, Ernie & Grover
  14. De Wals van Graaf Tel (I Love a Waltz) - Count von Count
    Music by Paul Parnes, Lyrics by Wim Povel
  15. Twee Hoofden Is Beter Dan Een (Two Heads Are Better Than One) - Two Headed Monster (and Herry)
    Music by ?, Lyrics by Wim Povel
  16. Stinkie Stankie (Swamp Mushy Muddy) - Oscar the Grouch & choir
    Music by Sam Pottle , Lyrics by Ruud Weisman
  17. Ik Zing... (I Can Sing) - Herry Monster and Louisey
  18. Troeteldier (Transylvania Love Call) - Countess and Count von Count
  19. Ik Wil Je Happen (Me Going to Munch You, Munch You, Munch You) - Cookie Monster
  20. Tijgerjacht (Tiger Hunt) - Ernie



  • This is the first Sesamstraat CD-and-booklet produced by Rubinstein: it would later be followed by Slapen and Dierendingen, which focused (respectively) on sleeping and animals.
  • The booklet has quite a few spelling errors and lyrical mistakes.
  • The booklet was released with two different covers. One version featured photos of Oscar and the Count; the other had an illustration of the Count, holding a lantern.

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