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Telly Monster often appears as a reporter for Monster on the Spot, dressed in a hat and neck tie. While Sesame Street News often takes place in a variety of areas, "Monster on the Spot" reports usually cover things that happen on Sesame Street.

Telly once appeared in a Sesame Street News Flash sketch as a reporter. In that sketch it was mentioend that he worked for Sesame Street News, but he also referred to himself as a "Monser on the Street" reporter. In this appearance he wore a trenchcoat in addition to his hat and tie.


A "K" film is interrupted by a Monster on the Spot report. Telly is about to interview King Kenny from the kingdom of K. Kenny notices there are no kangaroos, kazoos or kittens to be found, but Telly shows him there's plenty of kids, who gather around him. Telly learns they've run out of time for the interview, so he points them to the K film, which resumes.
Telly goes to a first grade classroom to give a report on the first day of school, but the classroom is empty. He looks at all the things in the classroom that indicates that it's a classroom, and he mistakes a plumber for the teacher. The plumber informs Telly that the next day is actually the first day of school, but she gives him a story about her experience as a plumber.
  • Library/Airport
Telly tries to report at the Library and his co-reporter Debra Starr reports at the airport. Telly reports that the library is a quiet place. Debra reports that the airport is a noisy place. While Debra interviews one passenger, the airport gets very noisy, Telly can't hear Debra. Telly shouts into his microphone to tell Debra to talk louder. When a lavender muppet asks Telly where he can catch a plane to Albuquerque, the librarian (voiced by Camille Bonora) escorts Telly out of the library for his loud volume. Meanwhile, Debra asks a Reddish magenta Muppet kid (voiced by Kevin Clash) what he's reading, he tries to answer "Treasure Island", but gets drowned out by the constant noise from the airplanes flying overhead.
Telly tries to report on "Peek-a-Boo Street," but can't find it. He discovers he's supposed to report on Olympic skier, Picabo Street.
Telly watches Melissa as she asks three kids if she can play with them.
  • Big Sister and Little Brother (YouTube)
Telly interviews a big sister, Nicole, asking her about the good and bad points of having a little brother, and then interviews the little brother, Robin (a baby), to get his side of the situation.

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