Sesame Street In and Out Fever02:36

Sesame Street In and Out Fever

"Monster Disco: In and Out."


In the late 70's, when disco was at its peak, no one quite knew how to get down like the Sesame Street Monsters! Among the sketches that took place underneath the disco ball:

  • ABC Disco -- Grover impresses the ladies with his super smooth moves as they sing the alphabet, thus exhausting himself. (EKA: Episode 1957)
  • In and Out -- A "square" monster (Harry) can't tell why he gets stepped on every time he stands near the IN door, and doesn't figure out what the song is about until it's over. (EKA: Episode 2159)
  • Me Lost Me Cookie at the Disco -- To his dismay, Cookie Monster can't find his cookie. (EKA: Episode 2680)
  • Two-Headed Monster: DANCE -- The Two-Headed Monster reads the word DANCE, and upon realizing what the word is, immediately start dancing along with the other monsters. (EKA: Episode 1927)
  • Disco Toothbrush -- A Green female monster and the background singing toothbrushes sings about brushing their teeth. The song includes real kids brushing their teeth. And the white teeth making percussion sound. (EKA: Episode 1781)

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