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Miss Vicki works at Tiny Tim's Uke Repair, whose motto is: "We Bring Back the Magic." She is called upon by Maria in a 2004 episode of Sesame Street, when Snuffy's magic ukulele has busted, leaving him invisible. Miss Vicki instructs them to send the ukulele back to the shop and she'll have it fixed. As the story continues in the next episode, Miss Vicki has trouble locating a super molecular spinator, a tool needed to fix magic ukuleles.

As Big Bird frets that he'll never see Snuffy again, Maria checks the Internet for ideas on how to make Snuffy visible. Fortunately, Miss Vicki calls back after she's found the tool she needs under a pile of vaporizing frets, and sends the ukulele back to Sesame Street immediately via delivery.

Her name is a reference to Victoria Budinger, known as "Miss Vicki," who was the wife of noted ukelele player/singer Tiny Tim.

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