Written by Miss Piggy, as told to Louise Gikow and Jim Lewis
Published 1997
Publisher Running Press
ISBN 0762402113

Miss Piggy's Rules is a 1997 spoof of the hit relationship-advice book The Rules, written by Miss Piggy.


  • Introduction
    • I'm Moi...and You're Not
  • Part 1: Meet a Miss Piggy's Rules Girl - Moi!
    • This Little Piggy Goes to Market
    • Top Ten Places to Find Mr. Right
    • Personal Ads
    • You've Got Male!
    • Identifying the Target
    • I've Got Your Number
    • The Telephone
    • The Vous-to-Moi Quiz
    • The First Date
    • The Second Date
    • The Third Date
    • Questions from Some Rules-to-Be Girls
  • Part II: The Relationship
    • Getting Him Ready for Togetherness
    • "Now Hear This!"
    • Getting to Know Vous, Getting to Know too Much about Vous
    • Our Little Secret!
    • Basic Training for Your Man
    • War Stories
    • Telling Him About Your Future Together
    • "More Better Moi"
    • When Mr. Right Goes Wrong
  • Part III: The Afterlife
    • Forgetting Him and Forgiving Yourself
    • Getting On with Your Life
    • Moi's Guide to Getting Even!

Additional credits

Designed by Susan Van Horn and Maria Taffera Lewis

Edited by Tara Ann McFadden

Photos by Lauren Attinello and John E. Barrett

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