Miss piggy poster book 1
Written by Louise Gikow
Published 1986
Publisher Muppet Press/
Derrydale Books
ISBN 0-517-61541-X

Miss Piggy's Poster Book is a 1986 large format collection of Miss Piggy pinups, using photos that originally appeared in Miss Piggy calendars and her 1981 bestseller, Miss Piggy's Guide to Life.

On the back of each poster is a comment from Miss Piggy about the picture, as told to her good friend Louise Gikow.

Miss Piggy introduces the book on the back cover:

Letters... moi gets letters. And so many of them are from my fans, begging me for a beautiful, oversized book filled with gorgeous color pictures of moi that they can frame tastefully and hang on the walls of their homes. This is why I am delighted to present Miss Piggy's Poster Book... Selecting the photos was tres difficult. There were so many wonderful ones we couldn't use -- the sexy bikini shots on the Riviera, the famous picture of moi and Kermie on the top of the Washington Monument, the "Pig in Paris" series, the "What Becomes a Pig Most" ad...

I truly hope you will enjoy looking at these glamorous, exciting moments in my career as much as I enjoyed living them!