Minor references to the Muppets and related projects in spoken word recordings, radio broadcasts, and other audio media.

The First Family Rides Again

The 1981 comedy album starring and co-written by Rich Little, was a follow-up to the 1960s First Family records, which spoofed John F. Kennedy and his family and staff. In this case, Little played Ronald Reagan (as well as George Burns, Johnny Carson, and others).

In one skit, "Bugs," President Reagan expresses his concerns about the Mediterranean fruitfly crisis to an expert who he has called in... revealed to be Kermit (impersonated by Roger Peltz). Kermit says he thinks he can handle it, "but it'll take awhile, there's just so many of those little buggers I can eat. But I'll be a piggy for you, yaaaaaaaay!"

In another skit, "White House Tour," Reagan (who has renamed the White House rooms after movie stars) refers to the Miss Piggy Library.


The Second Coming


1971 comedy album by Vaughn Meader as Jesus Christ. In one track, Jesus appears on Sesame Street, as introduced by an announcer (Jerry Nelson). He counts up to 10 commandments.


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