PERFORMER Jeff Goldblum
DEBUT 1990

Minneapolis Johnson is Bob's brother, come to visit Sesame Street in episode 2687. Minneapolis is an archaeologist bearing a striking resemblance to Indiana Jones. He crosses paths with his brother while on the search for the Golden Cabbage of Snufertiti.

As Big Bird observes, Bob and Minneapolis are nothing alike, and wonders how they can be brothers at all. The three, along with Snuffy, embark on an adventure to recover the Snuffleupagus artifact, which they eventually recover within Snuffy's cave.

At the end of his visit, Minneapolis asks his brother to join him on his next adventure, but Bob says he'd rather stay on Sesame Street. The two share a moment to sing a song about how they're different: Minneapolis likes variety, excitement and keeping on the move, while Bob finds comfort in staying put with people that he's familiar with.

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