Mike McCormick, also credited as Michael McCormick, is a puppeteer and sculptor who worked on the Creature Shop productions The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth. On Dark Crystal. McCormick was part of the Skeksis fabrication unit. His role expanded on Labyrinth, serving as goblin armour designer and working on the fabrication of both riding and walking goblins.

McCormick's other credits include serving as a puppeteer on Return of the Jedi, make-up effects on the 1992 feature White Sands, and puppetry for the 2000 short film The Phoenix. McCormick currently resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and along with his son, performs a Punch and Judy show in regional venues.

McCormick is currently teaching puppetry for film and TV at the Creative Media Institute of New Mexico State University (Las Cruces). Ended 2008.

The past three years have been spent script writing and working on several films, Most receintly "Moses on the Mesa" demo for Paul and Petra Ratner as Production Designer and assisting his son Sean with SFX. Sean is presently working on "the Lone Ranger" starring Jhonney Depp.


Original scripts "Relics" with Tom Deliara ; "frozen Hope" with Ann Woods and "The Pig is Dead". For details contact..<prof.micmac@gmail.com> all in development and looking for financing.

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