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Mike, demonstrating "A Very Simple Dance"

Mike appeared on Sesame Street, beginning in 1989. A teenager, he worked part-time at the Fix-It Shop. He was also a good friend of Gina. Mike also appeared in the video Dance Along!

Mike was one of Gordon's students. In a 1991 episode, when Telly Monster follows Gordon to school, he watches Gordon teaching a high school science class about volcanos. Mike seems eternally hungry -- Gordon chides him for eating in class, telling him to save his sandwich for lunch; Mike replies that he brought another sandwich for lunch. Later, he says that the volcano film made him hungry, because the fire reminded him of a barbecue.

Mike also appeared in one Sesame Street skit at a carnival working at a game stand where Maria and a boy named Travis were his two customers.

Mike departed the street in 1991. To some extent, his role as genial teenager, an intermediate figure between the kids and the adults, is now being filled by Miles.

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