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Don Johnson

Don Johnson with Kermit.


The Miami Mice.

Miami Vice was a popular television series that aired from 1984 to 1989. The characters of Crocket and Tubbs were ranked #61, with Lt. Castillo at #89 in Bravo's 100 Greatest TV Characters.



Actors who have played featured roles in Muppet/Henson productions and who have also appeared on Miami Vice include the following:

  • Larry Block played an FBI agent in "Heroes of the Revolution" (1987)
  • Eddie Castrodad played Jaime Escobar in "The Maze" (1985)
  • Chris Cooper played Jimmy Yagovitch in "Mirror Image" (1988)
  • Colin Farrell played Sonny Crockett in the 2006 film adaptation
  • Harvey Fierstein played Benedict in "The Fix" (1986)
  • Laurence Fishburne played Prison Guard Keller in "Walk-Alone" (1986)
  • Jamie Foxx played Ricardo Tubbs in the 2006 film adaptation
  • Norberto Kerner played a Colombian officer in "The Prodigal Son" (1985)
  • Nathan Lane played Monty Price in "Buddies" (1985)
  • John Leguizamo played Ivan Calderone in "Sons and Lovers" (1986), Orlando Calderone in "The Afternoon Plane" (1987), and Angelo Alvarez in "Victims of Circumstance" (1989)
  • Ian McShane played Esteban Montoya in "Knock, Knock... Who's There?" (1987) and General Manuel Borbon in "Freefall" (1989)
  • Sam McMurray played Jimmy Walters in "Calderone's Demise" (1984)
  • Belinda Montgomery played Caroline Crockett (1984-1989)
  • Liam Neeson played Sean Carroon in "When Irish Eyes Are Crying" (1986)
  • Austin Pendleton played Max Rogo in "Yankee Dollar" (1986)
  • Jon Polito played El Gato in "Hostile Takeover" and "Redemption in Blood" (1988)
  • Little Richard played Marvelle Quinn in "Out Where the Buses Don't Run" (1985)
  • Chris Rock played Carson in "Missing Hours" (1987)
  • Jaime Sánchez played Grocero in "Smuggler's Blues" (1985)
  • Jimmy Smits played Eddie Rivera in "Brother's Keeper" (1984)
  • John Spencer played Lt. Lee Atkins in "The Good Collar" (1986)
  • Ben Stiller played Fast Eddie Felcher in "Amen... Send Money" (1987)

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