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Miami Mice is a Sesame Street parody of the 1980s cop drama Miami Vice. The recurring sketch features two fashion-conscious mouse detectives, Tito (Miami Mice) and J.P., parodying the two main characters in Miami Vice.


Picture EKA Description
Episode 2292 Ernie's Rubber Duckie at the Repair Shop

Ernie goes to a repair shop to pick up his broken Rubber Duckie, but he can't get into the shop because it's cerrado (closed in Spanish).

Episode 2459 Kermit Interviews the Mice

Kermit tries to interview the mice about adventure, but finds it difficult to continue the interview when he's interrupted by a jet plane, an animal stampede, and a giant monster all making their way through the office.

The Space Center

Tito and J.P. of the Miami Mice helps the Count von Count to get to the space center, so he can do the countdown.


  • On Sesamstrasse, the German co-production of Sesame Street, the mice were dubbed by the original German dubbing voices of Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas (Reet Reeins and Lutz Mackensy respectively). Sesame Street and Miami Vice were both dubbed in the same studio, Studio Hamburg, where the Sesamstrasse live segments were also shot.

See also

  • The "Miami Mice" title was also used for a parody comic in the Spring 1986 issue of Muppet Magazine with Muppet Show characters.

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