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Steve Whitmire • (1986)
Nigel Plaskitt • (1994)

Mew in The Christmas Toy

Design Team:
Larry DiFiori • (designer)
Joann Green • (builder)

Mew is a cat toy who lives in the playroom with Rugby Tiger. Since he is a cat toy, he has difficulties being accepted in the world of "people toys". One problem is that he smells like catnip, although as he explains, "Cat toys are supposed to smell like catnip!".

He first appeared in the 1986 special The Christmas Toy, and he starred in the 1994 spin-off series The Secret Life of Toys, where he has arms and legs instead of wheels. In The Christmas Toy, it is revealed that he has a crush on Meteora.
Mew 2

Mew in The Secret Life of Toys

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