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  • Hi, the two pages you recently created are a bit unconventional; the former (Characters who wear glasses) doesn't look finished, and the other (Character Colors) would have to apply to every single Muppet character. I won't delete the pages right now, but I do recommend that you move them to Sandbox, where you can flesh them out and they won't be scrutinized or deleted at all. It's as easy as renaming the pages (e.g. "Sandbox:Character Colors"). Thanks!

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  • Hi! Please don't upload duplicates of pictures with circles around objects. Everyone can see Foo-Foo just fine, thanks. We're just as excited :)

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  • Hi, just so you know, we don't create categories without discussing it first with the rest of the wiki on [[Muppet Wiki:Current Events|Current Events]]. For the record, I don't think a category for "proposed guest stars" is really necessary.

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  • Hi! Please read the discussion on the talk page carefully regarding plot summaries on The Muppets (2011). The current consensus was that we did not want to spoil the movie for people who hadn't seen it, and we definitely did not want to reveal so many jokes and scenes and point by point elements, which even for movies which have been out, we don't do since they're boring and miss the point of the Wiki, which is to document but not replace actually watching the movie. We only use really in-depth summaries, and even then we usually don't bother to include random details or every single joke, when it's something like a rare pilot or hard to find special or something which as a general rule, our users won't be able to find and where we're documenting it for history, sometimes even with full transcripts (something like The Earth Day Special, for example, or Rowlf Learns Karate (transcript)).

    Right now, we'd parked the synopsis on the talk page until it can be reworked and cut down. A more detailed synopsis than the official synopsis would be nice, *but* it should not reveal every plot element, the closing gag, all kinds of jokes and things which people would prefer to see in the theater (and several statements in it were even factually incorrect). So I'd suggest discussing any plot summary changes on the talk page first, and feel free to park any draft versions there! Thanks! -- Andrew Leal (talk) 18:32, December 1, 2011 (UTC)

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