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  • Ben, please read this carefully: Ken and ‎Andrew's replies to your messages are fairly straightforward to why we've been blocking you from the wiki, but I'm going make it clear for you here. Participating in editing on the Muppet Wiki means you adding information. You shouldn't be asking other users to add info they may not even have (especially users like Tony who have hardly been active for a year).

    If you have any Muppet-related info, you can add it yourself as long as it follows our policies and guidelines (Our page dealing with frequently asked questions is another you should look into). The most important of these rules is that your info must come from a direct source (a book or interview, for example). As our sources policy states, memories and guesses do not count, since chances are it may not be correct. This will be your very last warning. If you continue to make the same mistakes, we'll have to block you again.

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    • Simple answer once again. Nobody has those episodes, or anyone with those episodes has the time to add them. If there's anything related to the *current* or otherwise available Sesame episodes that you notice is missing, feel free to add it yourself! That's the nature of Wikis. They're a *collaboration*, which means multiple people sharing information and also means, given so many facets of the Muppet spectrum (Sesame Street, the new movie coming out, merchandise), that basically if you think an area isn't getting enough attention *and* you have verifiable information to add (not memories or "Please screengrab this episode immediately), then feel free to work on it yourself!

      That's how Wikis grow. The talk pages you refer to for seasons cover episodes where we can't even verify the accuracy of the claims, so they've been parked there until we can both prove the synopsis (say through a TV Guide listing) and have enough info to make a page. Otherwise, it goes back to what Jon and I have been telling you. You're obsessing and assuming that somewhere out there one person has every single Sesame Street episode and is just refusing to update. That's not the case. There's *thousands* of Sesame episodes which we can't document because we lack info, and as we keep trying to tell you, they can only be added when either a copy of the episode surfaces (on DVD, on YouTube, through iTunes) or if we find documentation like those at the CTW archives sufficient to build a page. That's the answer.

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    • That sounds great! Now, I will stop "Washing the Wall" (meaning obsessing over), these episodes! However, I do, in-fact, believe you on this one! Thanks Aleal! That is by far the best answer that I have heard in a very long time! And yes, from what I have been told, Sesame Street has more episodes than any other TV Show in the World. Is that true?

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