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  • Hi, welcome to Muppet Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Windy page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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    • Okay, thanks. I just felt like I had to censor it because I don't like profanity. Pleaselet me know if there's any I missed. Or you can show me some more links to pages with profanity that I can censor.

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    • Hi! I understand your concerns, but we actually don't censor direct quotes (or on the rare occasions we do, we don't insert our own word, at worst we'd use asterisks to indicate what the actual word was), and it's included that way in the anniversary book. On the one hand I understand people have concerns because this is a Muppet Wiki, but it's not specifically a site for kids. Originally we weren't sure how to handle it and in some pages with Frank Oz interviews (since he tends to be salty) I took the asterisk or "[expletive]" approach, but now we've moved to just including the full quote, as long as it *is* a quote (and obviously, if someone followed it with a string of random F bombs or something that have no relevance to the Muppet info it's there to cite, we wouldn't include that).

      Also, if you want to discuss it in general (since I do understand your discomfort), feel free to use our forums (linked to from the bar at the top). Thanks, and I hope this doesn't discourage you! (And obviously, if you see any profanity in actual article text, that's a different matter, but quotes are left alone; if you see profanity on a user page, that's either a personal thing or, if abusive or vandalism, should be reported to whichever admins are on or whose pages you can find easily, for deletion, and in many cases they're from old discussions which we try to preserve for the record, even the occasional temper flares.)

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