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  • Hi! Thanks for your additions to the Christmas projects, but just a couple of tips. We don't include a description of every (or almost every) line, event, entrance or whatever (I'm trying to cut them down now, often bits like "Immediately after so and so does this" aren't needed). We stick to what's notable (which is of course a subjective thing, but it helps. I'll probably restore a song list to A Muppet Family Christmas since right now, in addition to losing many of the links, it's really hard for readers to find that info at a glance.

    Also, while of course there's nothing wrong with cutting and pasting from Wikipedia or other Wikis, we really try not to do that because we have our own style and it also looks better when it's our own writing (sometimes they've copied us verbatim, but that's unavoidable). We don't need to identify every actor or voice in the synopsis (we do that in our cast lists, unlike Wikipedia) and some character descriptions aren't needed either since every notable (and many not so notable) named character gets a page here, again unlike Wikipedia. I'll work on those pages later, but these are suggestions, not really criticism; you've definitely given more fodder for us to work with (and it's usually easier to trim and rewrite than to add whole cloth, depending). Still, for future reference, you may want to look at The Muppet Movie or The Great Muppet Caper to see our more general level of depth. After awhile, scene by scene breakdowns and line by line bits turn into overkill, especially for projects readily available on home video (we make exceptions for items only available at museums, in the hands of a few collectors, and so on). Thanks!

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  • Hi, please stop changing the DVD cover to the version with the black bar. That is not part of the cover. Thanks!

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