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  • Hi -- I'm sorry you had such a tough time with the Betty Lou page today. You're right; it wasn't great for Jon to revert your first article edit without explaining why. It also seems like you had a hard time getting the talk page post to look the way you wanted. Sorry about that -- what can I do to help you?

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    • Hi. It was unfair of me to undo your edits without saying why. I reverted your edits only because the passage you added seemed, at least from what I read of it, too much like a POV statement, which we try to avoid here. Looking back, I could have reworded your statement to make it fit better in the article, but at the time, I just didn't think it was a necessary note. I meant no hard feelings. It was foolish of me to not leave a message in the first place and, for what it's worth, I do apologize. Anything we can help you with?

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    • I don't mean to intrude, but since this topic was brought up, I have to agree that from my personal experience, it IS VERY annoying when an edit is reverted with NO summary.

      Edit: I shortened this down. It was too long.

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    • Sorry about the late response. I did not intend that the passage I wrote to the Betty Lou article as POV based. Thanks for the apology. :) If it is possible: if anybody wants to reword the information so that it sounds better and to make sure it does not violate any guidelines, then please do so. Fred/Gonzofan is right. Edits that are reverted without explanation is very discouraging to the point that I wonder if all of my edits would be reverted. Whenever I contribute to Wikia I will make sure to post on the Talk page of what I am going to edit. Have a Good Day. In Correct 03:43, April 3, 2012 (UTC)

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