aka Ian Sherman

  • I live in Columbus, Ohio
  • I was born on February 9
  • My occupation is freelance digital media artist
  • I am male
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  • I think I've got a plausible reason Grover won't leave Mr. Johnson alone, no matter what he goes and/or wants to do: it's probably inspired by that old song (and later Canadian-made one-time cartoon), "The Cat Came Back". It deals with one Mr. Johnson(!) who deals with a cat as an unwanted guest, just like this Mr. Johnson has to deal with Grover as an unwanted guest—except the former can't seem to raise a finger against the latter (this being a kids' show and all).

    Now, old Mr. Johnson had problems of his own—

    Some monster named Grover wouldn't leave him alone.

    A special plan was needed with deception as the key.

    One furry blue monster—how hard could it be?

    But Grover came back, the very next day.

    Grover came back—Johnson hoped he'd be a goner,

    But Grover came back—he just wouldn't stay away. (repeat as often as needed)

    Yes, old Mr. Johnson had problems of his own—

    Still Grover Monster wouldn't DARE leave him alone.

    Steps were needed to remove this awful curse.

    Ol' Fat Blue knew it couldn't get any worse...

    (NOTE: Thanks to H rytter and Oscarfan for showing me the right way to do this. Like I said, I'm not yet used to there being no more Talk functions on this wiki.)

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  • Hi, thanks for your additions to the On My Way with Sesame Street book pages. They've been kept empty for quite a while, so it's great that you're adding contents from the actual books. Just as a tip though, try to organize the features you're adding by marking bullets. You can see more on how we format pages here on our policies and guidelines page, under Article Style. Let me know if you have a question. Again, thank you.

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