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  • Hi, Just wanted to let you know that we only list the main performer(s) in the performer box. Recasts and alternate performers are commonly noted in either the casting history section or, as it already is with the Elmo page, within the article. If a new performer has played a character for a long period of time, we can consider them a new primary performer. So, in the case of say Marvin Suggs and Link Hogthrob (although they're semi-recurring characters to begin with), if they continue to make appearances (and more than just a few) with Eric Jacobson and Steve Whitmire performing, than we'll note them as primary performers on those pages. But at this point, with both of their most recent appearances being only small roles in The Muppets movie and the OK Go music video, it's not necessary (read Talk:Scooter for more on this topic). So next time, please discuss on the talk page before changing info. Thanks!

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    • Hi again. Your most recent performer box changes to Elmo and Floyd Pepper without discussing on either talk page tells me that either you didn't notice my last message (which may well have been the case) or you intentionally ignored it (which is not in the collaborative spirit of the Wiki). It's important to establish communication here, so it would be most helpful if you could reply to this message now so I know you've read and understand; and once again, please don't make any further changes to performer boxes without discussing it first. Otherwise, you could receive at least a temporary block. Thank you.

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