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Frank Oz • (First Merdlidop)
Jerry Nelson • (Second Merdlidop)
Richard Hunt • (Third Merdlidop)
Dave Goelz • (Fourth Merdlidop)

Dom DeLuise discovers a Merdlidop.

Merdlidops are sinkhole-dwelling creatures from the planet Koozebane. Hot-pink and furry with hollow socket eyes atop a cone-shaped head, they assumingly assimilate other creatures, or at least humans, into their species as evidenced on episode 211 of The Muppet Show.

A Merdlidop named Phyllis, who had a balloon-like nose, appeared in the "At the Dance" segment from episode 220.

Their likeness was rendered in plastic when Palisades Toys included them on a character stand for the Reporter Kermit Action Figure.

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