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Book Meener Aart
Written by Sietse van der Hoek
Published 2002
Publisher Uitgeverij L.J. Veen Amsterdam/Antwerpen
ISBN 9020408410

Meneer Aart: Leven en werken van de man die geen kindervriend wil heten (Mr. Aart: Life and work of the man who does not want to be called a friend to children) is the biography of Aart Staartjes, who works on Sesamstraat, the Dutch co-production of Sesame Street.

Although the book title refers to the character he plays on Sesamstraat, the biography focuses on Staartjes' whole career as a creator of innovative TV shows for children. Nevertheless, there are several Sesamstraat production photos, as well as commentaries from puppeteers Bert Plagman (Tommie), Catherine van Woerden (Ieniemienie) and Renée Menschaar (Pino), and Sesamstraat actors Frank Groothof and Lot Lohr.

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