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Songs from Sesam Stasjon
Released 1996
Format CD
Label Polydor
Cat no. 5318982

Max Mekkers Favoritter is a 1996 soundtrack album for Sesam Stasjon, the Norwegian co-production of Sesame Street. This album, representing Max Mekker's favorite songs, is mostly a compilation from earlier CDs; only tracks 10, 18 and 31 are new.

Track listing

  1. Sesam vignett (Sesam Stasjon theme song)
  2. Hvem har kropp (Who has body)
  3. Sirkus sesam (Circus Sesam)
  4. Optimistsang (Optimist song) 
  5. Når du deler en glede (When you share happiness)
  6. Spjongen
  7. Pass på naturen (Take care of nature)
  8. Brevet fra Max (The letter from Max)
  9. Grønnsaker er alltid sunt (Vegetables are always healthy)
  10. Musikk er overalt (Music is everywhere)
  11. Max pusser skinner (Max polishes the rails)
  12. I Langvann (In Longwater)
  13. O. Tidemanns jubileumssang (O. Tidemann's Birthday Song)
  14. Max må være her! (Max has got to be here!)
  15. Ikke i regn (Not in the rain)
  16. Jeg digger deg (I love you)
  17. Furtesang (Sulk song)
  18. Det går alltid et tog (There is always a train)
  19. Max Mekker mekker maks
  20. Max samler på alt (Max collects everything)
  21. Vaffelsang (Waffle song)
  22. Når du skal ut og reise (When you're gonna travel)
  23. Vær velkommen (Be welcome)
  24. Stakkars Alfa (Poor Alfa)
  25. Så rart det er å være meg (How strange it is to be me)
  26. Spis fisk (Eat fish)
  27. Fiskestangvise (Fishing rod song)
  28. Jeg åpner min matpakke (I open my lunchbox)
  29. Sykkelvise (Bicycle song)
  30. Former og fasonger (Forms and shapes)
  31. Lille Blå (Little Blue)

Production credits

Album Produced by:
Victor Engholmen
Written Mostly by:
Sigvalt Tveit
Words and Music Mostly by
Sigvald Tveit and Eyvind Skeie
Project Director at PolyGram
Lage Fasheim and Jørn Dalchow
Project Director at NRK
Hermann Gran and Grete Høien
Recorded at
BEL Digital Oslo
CoverFoto by
Anne Liv Ekroll

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