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Maurice with Cookie, Grover, Telly and Herry.

Maurice Monster is a light-blue monster with a bright green nose on Sesame Street. He was first named in the game-show sketch "Say the Word" (where Guy Smiley introduces him as "Mr. Maurice Monster") and the name was used again in the 1980s "First and Last" sketch.

The puppet debuted in Season 6 and was used frequently as a background monster from 1975 through 1984. He continued to make appearances in productions as recently as 2003. He is one of the longest running background characters; few other Sesame Muppets have been around that long without becoming a significant character.

He made his debut (as Elmo Mondiporg, played by Jim Henson) in a sketch where Grover finds an empty telephone booth, and was a Green Anything Muppet draped entirely in blue fur (and the blue fur pattern would be converted into an AM monster). He appeared as one of the Frazzletones in 1975, singing "Frazzle" with the title monster himself. He had a major role in a 1975 episode, where he and Herry Monster were afraid of the dark out on the street and decide to sleep near Big Bird. In Season 11, he was featured in Monsterpiece Theater's "Me, Claudius" (along with Harvey, Bruce, and Elmo).

The puppet was used as Kermit the Gorf in The Wonderful World of T-Shirts sketch where Kermit the Frog tries to buy a customized T-shirt with his name on it.

The monster was performed by Richard Hunt (in "Say the Word, "Me Claudius," and the song "Beginning, Middle, End,") Jerry Nelson (in "Frazzle" and The Wonderfull World of T-shirts sketch), Jim Henson, and others on various occasions.


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