Matthew Jacobs is a writer who penned the screenplay for "Monster Maker," adapting the novel by Nicholas Fisk.

Jacobs has been writing since the 1980s, starting with the Swedish action flick The Ninja Assassin. He followed "Monster Maker" with the TV movie Lorna Doone (1990, with Sean Bean), the 1994 Lassie film, and multiple installments of The Ruth Rendell Mysteries and The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.

Jacobs scripted the 1996 Doctor Who TV movie, the story for the Christmas TV movie Mr. St. Nick (with Kelsey Grammer), and co-wrote the original Disney animated feature Kingdom of the Sun, which was reworked and completed as The Emperor's New Groove. For video games, Jacobs worked on the LucasArts titles Outlaws and Star Wars: Starfighter.

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