Match game

The Matching Game.

Match Game was a game show where contestants attempted to match fill-in-the-blank answers to questions posed to celebrities. The show became known for its bawdy humor from the six celebrity panelists, which often included regulars such as Richard Dawson, Charles Nelson Reilly, and Brett Somers. Many incarnations of Match Game have been on the air since 1962, with Gene Rayburn hosting the first five versions of the show. Other hosts include Ross Shafer (1990-1991), Michael Burger (1998-1999) and Alec Baldwin (2016-present).



  • Kirstie Alley appeared as a contestant on Match Game PM.
  • Lance Bass played the game on Gameshow Marathon.
  • Dick DeBartolo wrote many of the game's questions.
  • Emma Hunter appeared as a panelist on the Canadian 2012 version.
  • Ricki Lake hosted Gameshow Marathon which featured Match Game in one of the episodes.
  • Ethel Merman appeared as a panelist in the 1970s run.
  • Kathy Najimy played the game on Gameshow Marathon.
  • Betty White was a regular panelist (1963-1969) on the original version, and more occasionally thereafter (1973-1982).
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