Mary Schenck, also credited as Mary Schenck Balcer and Mary Schenck-Ross, worked on Sesame Street Magazine as an illustrator along with her then-husband Gary Schenck, from 1974 until 1978. Her work also appeared in The Sesame Street Library series.

The Schencks worked together at Schenck Design Associates, doing advertising art and other commercial assignments. They later shifted to the CTW software group, with Mary Schenck working on the development team for the 1984 game Ernie's Magic Shapes. They formed their own software company, Looking Glass Software, specializing in educational and kids games, including Creative Contraptions for Apple II, and illustrated calculator manuals and developed educational toys for Texas Instruments. By 1988, Mary Schenck was divorced but continued to work with Gary Schenck working on games for The Walt Disney Company (Walt Disney Design Studio) and the Learning Company (Super Solvers).

On her own, Mary Schenck has worked for the Learning Company, LeapFrog, Highlights for Children, and various children's software companies.


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