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Music by Sam Pottle
Lyrics by David Korr
Date 1974
Publisher Sesame Street, Inc.
EKA Episode 0698
Sesame Street Mary Had a Little Lamb05:00

Sesame Street Mary Had a Little Lamb

Don Music writes "Mary Had a Little Bicycle" with help from Kermit.

"Mary Had a Bicycle" is a Sesame Street song sung by Don Music, with the Monotones. In the sketch, Kermit the Frog finds Don Music trying to compose "Mary Had a Little Lamb," but he can't find a rhyme for "snow." Kermit suggests he try a new angle and the result is "Mary Had a Bicycle".


  • The Monotones (although without Little Jerry, Jerry Nelson can be heard as one of the Monotones) appear during the song as back-up in the televised version. However, it's The Alphabeats who are credited as back-up on album releases.
  • Audio releases of the song have some of the dialogue edited out.



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