DEBUT 1990
PATTERN Large Lavender Live Hand, Marv
Fat Blue Live Hand, Jolene

Marv and Jolene are delivery people who both appear in a 1990 episode of Sesame Street.

In that episode, they try to deliver a box of new books for the Sesame Street Library. However, when they first show up with a box, Linda and Lisa show them that the box is long and skinny and reads "Fishing rods for the Sesame Street Sporting Goods Store". The delivery people apologize and give Linda and Lisa a complimentary fish before they go and look for the right box. Later, they come back with a better-looking box, but it's too light to hold any books inside it. They find that the packaging reads "One lamp shade for the Sesame Street Lamp Store." As they leave, Marv gives Linda a complimentary fish-lamp. Finally, they return with the right box, but when Linda starts taking the books out, Marv and Jolene instantly want to check them out.