Markas is a robot who appears in the Ghost of Faffner Hall episode "Discovering New Sounds."

The robot is delivered by mail order to Farkas Faffner, who finds the robot obeys his every command, and is overjoyed to have found a friend at last. He names the robot Markas, so as to rhyme with his own moniker, and orders the mechanical man to rid Faffner Hall of musicians.

Fughetta Faffner is amused by the concept, and lures the robot to the staircase, where he tumbles and collapses. Farkas is heartbroken at the apparent death of his mechanical friend. He struggles to rebuild Markas, but Riff and Mimi intervene, turning Markas into a synthesizer who loves music. Markas demonstrates that the best way to befriend a robot is to meddle with his innards and alter his brain, so he suits the user's tastes and personality.