Marcos Valle

Musician and songwriter Marcos Kostenbader Valle (b. 1943) was a composer from the so-called "second wave" of bossa nova musicians. His career took a distinct pop turn in the 80s, and he managed to smash out one hit after another. He also provided the music for the Brazilian Vila Sésamo album.

Dusty Groove America wrote, "The rare soundtrack for Brazil's version of Sesame Street in the 70s -- but way groovier than the American records from the same time, thanks to keyboards, vocals, and original tunes composed by him. The record takes off nicely from the playful feel of some of Marcos' later work on Odeon (mixing his own lead vocals with those of a female singer, as on his Verve album) and creating a cool counterpoint that sounds especially great next to Fender Rhodes and larger arrangements from Waltel Branco! Lyrics are all in Portuguese, clearly with kid-friendly themes. There is also a very groovy sound to the whole thing overall that lifts the work well past its origins."

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