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==Sesame Street books==
==Sesame Street books==
Nadel contributed to two ''Sesame'' storybooks:
*''[[The Sesame Street ABC Storybook]]'' (1974)
*''[[The Sesame Street ABC Storybook]]'' (1974)

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Marc Nadel is an illustrator and cartoonist who contributed to two Sesame Street storybooks in the mid-70s. Nadel's books include Hour of Freedom: American History in Poetry and Bogus Beasts: In Search of Imaginary Animals. His political caricatures have appeared in The Nation and Business Week.

Sesame Street booksEdit

Nadel contributed to two Sesame storybooks:

Nadel's artwork for both storybooks was recycled in volumes of The Sesame Street Library and The Sesame Street Treasury.

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