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Bh mw hoggle

Mak Wilson and Brian Henson puppeteering Hoggle's head.


Mak Wilson demonstrates the art of puppetry with Mokey Fraggle at a 2005 Henson Company demonstration on performance skills in the digital age.

Mak Wilson (b. September 3, 1957) is an English puppeteer who has worked on numerous Creature Shop and Muppet projects, beginning with The Dark Crystal. He had previously toured on stage, often performing as a puppeteeer, mask and mime artist. Since the demise of the Creature Shop in London he is now freelance, but still works with two Muppet producers, Martin Baker and Pete Coogan, and their new company Baker Coogan Productions. He just completed the first season of a new Playhouse Disney series called Bunnytown, produced and directed by another Muppeteer, David Rudman.

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