Mady Rahl (1915-2009) was a German actress who voiced Ma Gorg in later episodes on Die Fraggles, the German co-production of Fraggle Rock, and canteen worker Gladys and guest star Pearl Bailey on Die Muppet Show.

Rahl, born Edith Gertrud Meta Raschke, was actress, voice artist, chanson singer, and impressionist painter in one. Besides her on-camera career of over fifty roles in movies and TV shows, she did dubbing work in the animes The Wonderful Adventures of Nils (Akka), Princess Mononoke (Moro), and she was Lucille Ball's German voice. She also dubbed Arlene Francis in One, Two, Three, Irma P. Hall in Nothing to Lose, and Mae Busch in the Laurel and Hardy two-reeler The Live Ghost.