Written by Jeff Moss
Date 1970
Publisher Festival Attractions, Inc.
EKA Episode 0240

"Mad" is the debut performance of Little Jerry and the Monotones on Sesame Street. Little Jerry names things that makes him mad and how he responds to them when so. The song ends with the members storming off the stage.


  • The chorus and beat is reminiscent of the Silhouettes' Get a Job.
  • In the album version an introduction is given by a voice provided by Jeff Moss, which marks the first mention of the band's name.
  • In the TV version, Fran Brill and Caroll Spinney can be heard as two of the Monotones.
  • The song was briefly mentioned by Mike in an early 90's episode, where Little Chrissy and Big Jeffy help Elmo practice Little Jerry's songs.


Audio (album version)

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