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MNN, the Monster News Network, is a CNN style broadcasting channel in the 1993 special Sesame Street Stays Up Late! The network's motto is "We cover the globe," as exemplified by two monsters who serve as MNN's logo. The network offers a special global broadcast on New Year's Eve. Elmo is the chief anchor in the United States of America, with Cookie Monster as science reporter (whom also mimics Morse code sound effects for the reports), Prairie Dawn as special Sesame Street commentator ("I'm not really a monster but it is a job in communications"), and a slew of special international correspondents, including Cousin Pepe and Rosita, Elmo-noske, Moishe Oofnik and Kippi Ben Kippod, Tiffy, Samson and Finchen, and Alfa, Bjarne Betjent and Max Mekker.

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