PERFORMER Carsten Morar-Haffke
DEBUT 2009

Luigi Lupo, a famous rock'n'roll wolf, appeared on Sesamstrasse in episode 2488.

Along with some city officials he was part of a committee that was looking for the most beautiful street of the city, and he would hold a live concert on the winning street. Until he had arrived on Sesamstrasse all he had seen were the same trivial things, such as various flower arrangements; nothing that really stood out as being unusual and creative. However on Sesamstrasse he found it: Rumpel's junk heap was a feat of creative chaos, and even though the city officials just saw a pile of junk, they declared Sesamstrasse the winning street.

The green wolf puppet has been used for various characters on Sesamstrasse, including the Wolf vom Wörtersee.

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