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Love to Learn is a Sesame Street DVD released on September 9, 2016. The DVD connects to the show's "Love to Learn" campaign.

Elmo learns all about letters, numbers, colors, shapes, and animals in these 5 fantastic stories! Play "The Amazing Alphabet Race" with Elmo (episode 4154), help Telly count The Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe's children (episode 4519), and watch as Oscar the Grouch mixes colors until he finds the grouchiest one (episode 4316). Giggle along while the Shape-o-Bots transform into all different shapes (episode 4261), and discover what beavers, turtles, and ducks eat when Elmo and Chris go camping (episode 4202).

Each street story is preceded by a brief song by Elmo, introducing the theme of the story. Also included in the main feature is the animated segment, "ABC Space Song."

Bonus features include the full-length video, All-Star Alphabet and an animated story, Twiddlebug ABCs.

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