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Released 1998
Duration 130 minutes
Director Stephen Hopkins
Written by Irwin Allen (television series), Akiva Goldsman
Music Bruce Broughton



Mak Wilson demonstrates live-action CGI puppetry.

Todd & Robot

William Todd Jones and Robot

Lost in Space is a 1998 movie based on the 1960s television series of the same name. The film featured digital and animatronic effects by the Jim Henson Creature Shop, for the characters of Blawp and the Robot.


Jim Henson's Creature Shop

  • Chris Fitzgerald: Key sculptor
  • John Stephenson: Creature shop supervisor
  • Mak Wilson: Puppeteer supervisor
  • David Alan Barclay: Animator
  • Shireen Armstrong: Creature shop producer
  • Philip Babbage: Mould maker
  • Denise Baseley: Fabricator
  • Pete Bell: Electronics technician
  • Hal Bertman: Animation supervisor
  • Daniel Burnett: Animatronic designer
  • Jamie Campbell: Sculptor/pattern maker
  • Aurelio Camps: Computer graphics manager
  • Martin 'Smoke' Carroll: Animator
  • Karen Cassie: Assistant: John Stephenson
  • Steve Chesters: Key animatronic designer
  • Mel Coleman: Mould maker
  • Steve Court: Mould maker
  • Maria Cork: Art finisher
  • Chris Coxon: Key animatronic designer
  • Julian Crowe: Digital colorist
  • David Darby: Key sculptor
  • Richard Darwin: Key animatronic designer
  • Matthew Denton: Robot control systems designer
  • Antonia Downey: Legal and business affairs
  • Nick Drew: Production assistant
  • David Dunsterville: Key animatronic designer
  • Beth Elliott: Puppeteer coordinator
  • Robin Ellis: Animatronic designer
  • 'Just' Jules Findley: Animator
  • Marie Fraser: Foam lab supervisor
  • Matthew Gidney: Animator
  • Verner Gresty: Creative project supervisor
  • Karen Halliwell: Creature supervisor
  • Derek Hedicker: Systems
  • Simon Hewitt: Animatronic designer
  • Chris 'Flimsy' Howes: Animatronic designer
  • Kevin Hunter: Key animatronic designer
  • Mark Hunter: Animatronic designer
  • Iain Irwin-Powell: Systems
  • Jamie Jackson-Moore: Animatronic designer
  • Dave Kelly: Mould maker
  • Kevin Kerrigan: Electronics technician
  • Tacy Kneale: Art finisher
  • Jamie Lawrence: Animatronic designer
  • Brendan Lonegan: Sculptors/pattern maker
  • Julian Manning: Electronics supervisor
  • Ivan Manzella: Sculptors/pattern maker
  • Bettina McCall: Visual effects editor
  • James Miller: Sculptors/pattern maker
  • Jeff Newton: Animator
  • Joelle Newton-Mold: Animator
  • Clive Nicholson: Key animatronic designer
  • Kevin O'Boyle: Key sculptor
  • Roma O'Connor: Creature shop producer
  • Geoff Paige: Workshop supervisor
  • Edward Ragit: Key animatronic designer
  • Jesse Riley: Animatronic designer
  • Phil Ross: Electronics technician
  • Alex Rutherford: Animator
  • Steve Sheffield: Sculptors/pattern maker
  • Terry Sibley: Mould maker
  • Richard Smith: Animator
  • Diane Staniforth: Art finisher
  • Dusan Strugar: Animator
  • Lynda Thompson: Production assistant
  • Sarah Tosh: Animator
  • Brian Trenchfield: Key animatronic designer
  • Chris Trice: Sculptors/pattern maker
  • Michael Turoff: Visual effects producer
  • Mary Victoria: Animator
  • Richenda Wheeler: Animator
  • Bill White: Animatronic designer
  • Simon Williams: Key animatronic designer
  • Kenny Wilson: Model/mold shop supervisor
  • Adam Wright: Animatronic designer


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