Country (Language) Spain
Released February 3, 2012
Running time 86 minutes
Dubbing Studio/
Script Translator/Editor María José Aguirre de Cárcer (translator)
Lorenzo Beteta (editing)
Voice Director Lorenzo Beteta
Musical Adaptation
Local Rating )
TheMuppets Spain Poster

Arriving at the film premiere on January 23, 2012.

Los Muppets is the Spanish dub (released in Europe) of The Muppets. This marks the first time Spain has used the phrase Los Muppets, as opposed to Los Teleñecos (which is what the Muppets have been called in all previous productions and merchandise in Spain to date).

As part of the European promotion tour, director James Bobin, Peggy (Miss Piggy) and Gustavo (Kermit the Frog) traveled to Madrid on January 23, 2012, where they did several photo shoots and interviews for the Spanish media:




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