Kermit is the Lord of the Flies

The Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies is a 1954 novel by Nobel Prize-winning author William Golding about a group of boys stranded on an island who try to govern themselves with disastrous results. The book has been adapted to film three times as well as for the stage and radio.


  • In a 1999 Movie Mania segment spoofing Riverdance, the narrator declares, "the critics agree: 'Kermit is more than the Lord of the Dance, he is the Lord of the Flies'."


  • In the 1990 film adaptation, one boy appeals to another that they've got to work together. He replies with a retort directed also toward another boy nicknamed Piggy, "I say, fuck you! And that goes for you too, Miss Piggy."


  • Bob Peck plays a U.S. Marine Corps Officer in the 1990 film
  • Cyril Shaps played the voice of the pig's head in a 1955 BBC radio version
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