DEBUT 2006

Long Joel Silver is a Muppet pirate that appeared in Episode 28 of From the Balcony where he advertised the "Movies for the Marooned Box Set".

Films in the box set include: "Pieces of 8 Mile", "Eye Patch Adams", "Aye, Robot", "Uncle Buc-caneer", "Arrrr We There Yet?", "Swashbu-Clerks", "Cannonball! Run!", "Jolly Roger Rabbit", "Dead Man Walking the Plank", "About Ahoy", and "Plunder the Tuscan Sun".

He is named after both the fictional pirate Long John Silver and film producer Joel Silver, who is known for the Die Hard and Matrix franchises.

The puppet was used in Episode 17 of From the Balcony as the Deliveryman.