PERFORMER Vicki Eibner
DEBUT 1998

Lois is a blue footed booby who lives in Woodland Valley on Bear in the Big Blue House. She is very hard of hearing, which often leads to comical interpretations by her of what others are saying.

Lois is Woodland Valley's telephone operator. She handles the operation by means of an old-fashioned switchboard. Being a bird, Lois fancies herself a singer. Her singing, however, is loud and off-key. When it comes to child-care, Lois seems to have a rather laissez-faire attitude. In "To Clean or Not to Clean," Bear asks her to watch over the kids of the Big Blue House, but she seems fine with letting them make decisions entirely on their own with no guidance.

The puppet used for this character was originally used as Milton the Blue-Footed Booby on episode 207 of The Animal Show.