Released 1996
Duration 101 minutes
Director John Henderson
Written by John Fusco
Music Trevor Jones
Studio Polygram Filmed Entertainment
Rated PG

Loch Ness is a 1996 film starring Ted Danson that featured creature effects by the Jim Henson Creature Shop. The Loch Ness Monster was created using computer animation and puppeteered with a waldo-like device. A physical animatronic head and neck were built for close-ups.


  • Ted Danson as Dr. Jonathan Dempsey
  • Joely Richardson as Laura McFetridge
  • Ian Holm as Water Bailiff
  • Harris Yulin as Dr. Robert Mercer
  • James Frain as Adrian Foote
  • Keith Allen as Gordon Shoals
  • Nick Brimble as Andy Maclean
  • Kirsty Graham as Isabel Mary McFetridge

Jim Henson's Creature Shop

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