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Episode 111: Living with Dinosaurs

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Air Date 1990 (UK)
1993 (US)
Written by Anthony Minghella
Director Paul Weiland

Dom and Dog

Livingwith dinosaurs

Dog the toy dinosaur

Jim Henson Hour 111 outro

Jim Henson and "Dog" the toy dinosaur in the epilogue of The Jim Henson Hour version.

Living With Dinosaurs is a television special that originally aired in the UK on December 30, 1990. "Living with Dinosaurs" was written by Anthony Minghella, and directed by Paul Weiland, both of whom also worked on The StoryTeller. In the special, a socially awkward young English boy named Dom deals with his fears about his unemployed artist father (Lee), his pregnant mother (Vicky), and his asthma, with the help of his favorite doll, a stuffed dinosaur named Dog.

After airing in the UK, the special was re-formatted to become an episode of The Jim Henson Hour for NBC in the US. However, the series was cancelled before the reformatted version aired (intended as episode #11).

The reworked The Jim Henson Hour episode consists of the standard framing element of Jim Henson appearing in the digital environment speaking to the audience, and no MuppetTelevision segment to accommodate the "Living with Dinosaurs" story.

The original special (without Henson's bookends or The Jim Henson Hour titles) later aired on Nickelodeon in the US in 1993.

In 2000, a pilot script was written for a new series based on Living With Dinosaurs, but it was never produced.


As far as we know, no Jim Henson Hour episodes aired in the UK. Any rumors that Jim Henson Hour material aired in the UK are based on The Storyteller, Monster Maker and Living With Dinosaurs airing as separate specials.

There is currently no evidence that the Jim Henson Hour version of Living With Dinosaurs (with Jim's intros and outtro) aired anywhere at all, though it exists in fan hands.




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