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Little Red Riding Hood in "Musical Fairy Tales".


Ernie as Little Red Riding Hood.

Elmo and abbys birthday fun screen cake

Little Red Riding Hood is the central figure in the classic fairy tale of the same name. In the most common version of the story, she goes into the woods to take food to her grandmother's house. Along the way she meets The Big Bad Wolf who convinces her to stop and pick some flowers. The Big Bad Wolf then runs ahead, eats her grandmother, and disguises himself as her grandmother. When she finally arrives at her grandmother's house she in turn is eaten by the wolf. A friendly woodsmen rescues them, and helps them kill the wolf.

On Sesame Street she attends Storybook Community School. She has a sister named Little Green Riding Hood. In her appearances on Sesame Street, she often mistakes everyone she meets for her grandmother and continuously calls them that.

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