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Frank Oz • (The Miss Muffet Play)
Jerry Nelson • (Sesame Street News Flash)
Camille Bonora • (Season 20)
Fran Brill • (Let's Eat!: Funny Food Songs)

Frank Oz's Little Miss Muffet

Little Miss Muffet is the titular character in the Mother Goose nursery rhyme. She appeared in a Season 3 Sesame Street sketch unofficially known as The Miss Muffet Play, preparing for a theatrical performance of the poem, and becomes increasingly frustrated by her Fat Blue co-star's costume problems. She's also taken aback when director Lance addresses her as "lady." She was performed by Frank Oz and made out of the Large Lavender Live Hand Anything Muppet.

A different Miss Muffet was seen in a Sesame Street News Flash sketch, which was first seen around 1971-1973. She was played by Jerry Nelson and was made from the Lavender Anything Muppet.

Another version of Miss Muffet was also on the show in Season 20, performed by Camille Bonora. Here, she revealed that her first name is really Annabelle. In the DVD Let's Eat!: Funny Food Songs, Fran Brill performed Little Miss Muppet. She also appeared in Episode 4098, where Goldilocks steals her nursery rhyme.

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